Friday, March 25, 2011

Walk With Me Along One Life Thread

I have been going to school at Washington State University Vancouver for three years now. It has become my home away from home, a sanctuary from the storm outside, and a place highly responsible for unleashing my true self. I have always felt it is a beautiful campus. So for the next six weeks, leading up to my pending graduation, I’d introduce you to some of the little things I notice.

The Library stands atop a hill; the view outside its windows has been a constant companion as I immersed myself in books and projects, the comfort of nature’s touch just outside. Today, I am standing in that view, looking back.

From down here I encounter little details on big rocks; details not visible from my usual perch. A colony of moss for instance, living out its entire lifecycle without notice; that is except for the wandering eye of a student who has shirked other responsibilities in favor of a stroll.

A bit further on and one happens upon one of many original sculptures that dot the landscape. This one is worked in bronze and copper; a patina forms across the artist’s intent; the viewer’s eye meant to flutter across the rendered figures while contemplating their meaning.

Patterns and themes emerge from closer inspection.

Explicit exhortations provide convenient conclusions to the day’s dalliance.


  1. Apparently, I did what you said in that title: Walk with you along one life thread or whatever that be.... Your pictures are brilliant and I wish I could write the same way as you for my travel blog.... Just love how you describe all photos...:))

  2. Jorie, you did just that...:) Your praise humbles me. I am glad you like my efforts. I find your writing to be superb, so give yourself more credit...:) Thanks again!

  3. Amazing the things you see when you really take the time to look:)

  4. What a beautiful university...where thought provoking architecture and serene landscape meet one another! I love the library too...I can relate, I love spending time reading and persuing titles at the library :)

  5. Paul, I liked this walk you subjected us to. The pictures also are well taken. You sure are in a great place, Paul. When one takes time to look, even the most mundane things seem interesting.

    Looking forward to the next set of photos.

    Joy always,

  6. Mary, that is so true. I try to take the time to look whenever possible.

    Jessica, it is a beautiful campus; very serene and stately, and also pretty new. The oldest building is only about 15 years old. I adore the library. In fact, if I had to choose one spot to stay forever, a library just might be it...

    Susan, thank you. I feel lucky everyday to be where I am. I think the mundane is so interesting because few people ever notice it.

    Thank you all for your continued support and kind words, it means a lot to me.