Thursday, March 17, 2011

Intimate Gentrification

As exhilarating as I find my urban surroundings, I remain at heart a country boy. Born and raised in the natural paradise of the Napa Valley, I now find myself cast upon the shores of another Arcadia.

Finding myself in need of solitude and calm; I flee the city down winding forest roads.

The closeness of the trees gives way to expansive views. A mist rises from the river not quite seen. The warmth of home welcomes serene.

I wander back ways and towns forgotten; empty windows reflecting onto bygone days.

Abandoned public houses moored in a long past daze.

Color fades with life; from the water.

From the fabric of men.

Replaced by natural corporeality.

Progress inverted.

Ruination averted.

Time flows onward carrying me along for the ride; ever reawakening; ever regenerating; forever transformed.


  1. It's like being on my own journey - amazing photo's.

  2. SJ, that is in fact my goal, sort of "taking people along on my wanderings..." Thanks as always for your support!

  3. Wow feel like I went on a long hike along the water ... thank you...As always...XOXOXO

  4. Proof of what man's actions have done to nature.

  5. Very nice Paul...I adore the picture of the mailbox post. Very nice! =)

  6. Bonnie, happy to take you along; it's a big place with plenty of room for all...:)

    YS, nature always reasserts her dominance in the end. We humans are but a fleeting shadow across the landscape of time...:)

    Thank for dropping in and for your constant kindness.

  7. Jewell,

    Thank you... It's quite the mossy little thing ain't it...:) That's a little area down the hill from our place that never gets any direct sunlight. The moss colonies are epic!

  8. Great Pics of mans effects on nature.. well done my friend


  9. wow, great shots .. it's amazing how decay and bleak result in such great photos .. ;)

  10. AG, thank you sir. As much as we think we run things, nature always comes back to remind us that we don't...

    Tbaoo, it is always amazing to me how picturesque decay can be... Not all of it of course, but old dying buildings have a certain grace...

  11. the first one is my favorite photo :)

  12. Thank You Theresa, I like that one as well....:) Sort of like a beckoning mystery, till I remember that it's just our driveway....

  13. VERY cool photo journal narration! Love the tavern photo. I like to think about who used to hang out there and if they miss the place. :)

  14. Rachael, thank you as always for your kind words. That is exactly what I like to do with old, abandoned places as well. Just sit and imagine all of bustle and life that used to take place there...

    The two window shots are in a building right across the street and both are along the riverfront. At some point, this was a vibrant hub for activity...